After the May holiday, teach you how to adapt quickly to work

The end of the holiday, just back to work, many people will feel a certain degree of physical and mental fatigue. Because people have already adapted to the daily life, sleep, diet and other life rhythm was disrupted, and because frequent visits to relatives and friends, travel shopping, entertainment dinner, watching disc view screen, sleep is late at night, drink more, And even speak more than usual, tense and tired is natural, so many people are so emotionally said: "holiday is also tired than to work!


         In this case to be converted into the work of the state, can not sleep late, had to get up early, many people feel sleepy, dizziness, listlessness, and even physical and mental fatigue, lack of concentration, and headache, fatigue, poor appetite, Insomnia, drowsiness and other discomfort. Because it is reluctant to work, work is not high, some people even accompanied by depression, loss, anxiety and other adverse emotional reactions. This physical and mental response is known as "holiday syndrome."


         However, after all, has been working, we must accept the fact that must have begun to work, as soon as possible to eliminate this "holiday syndrome." In the method, we can use the following eight common methods.


1. Relaxed, easy to work. After the holidays, the holiday season will not have to deal with things, with the most simple way as soon as possible, do not drag the pull, let them involve their own energy. Can write a note of the memorandum, will not do the matter and work a few days after the day to do things listed on it, so you can feel at ease, at a glance.


 2. Dietary timing, nutritional balance. Eat more tea, eat more fruit, such as fresh green leafy vegetables, porridge, noodles, oatmeal, vegetarian pie, seaweed soup, now squeezed fruit and vegetable juice, do not eat difficult to digest Chicken and duck fish and other greasy food. Mentioned above these foods have a good "clear fire" role, has been "overwhelmed" gastrointestinal tract to get a certain rest and adjustment.


3. living orderly, early to bed early. After the end of the holidays, whether entertainment or entertainment should be restrained. Every night to rest as soon as possible, do not stay up late. Every day to do early bed and early to rise, living orderly, to ensure that there is enough time to sleep.


4. Bath clothes, Shujinhuoxue. Before work to take a bath, take a bath to eliminate metabolic excrement, so that telangiectasia, the effective elimination of fatigue. Water temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius, the general wash about 15-20 minutes, bath time should not be too long, otherwise they feel more fatigue.


5. hot feet, relieve sleep. After work, every night can be hot water bubble feet, the water temperature can be slightly higher, with their own feel "hot" for the foot bath to expand blood vessels, blood flow, enhance blood circulation, foot bath also lack of sleep The


6. Body massage, relax muscle. Excessive physical exercise to muscle production of lactic acid accumulation, massage helps lactate as soon as possible by the blood absorption and metabolism. The method is their own or please the family by hand or fist gently tapping the legs, thighs and arms, shoulders, so that the muscles get relaxed.


 7. appropriate exercise, ease tension. After the holiday work, to maintain the appropriate sports activities, such as walking, doing gymnastics, jumping rope, playing tai chi, practicing yoga, etc., to the body a buffer period, this can also effectively relieve fatigue, ease tension , Restore energy, enhance the body's immunity and resistance.


8. Listen to music and read books. After work, the first few days you can choose some sort of letters such as letters, documents and other aspects of idle work. After a period of work every day, you can choose to close your eyes, listen to ease some of the light music, reading newspapers, etc. to adjust their body and mind. More to see some pictures, images and other things, but also contribute to the recovery of the brain system, which can help themselves as soon as possible into the normal working condition.


In general, as long as this adjustment, after two or three days, we will successfully enter the normal work, learning state.

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